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Send us the online submission form or email prior to shipping your items to us. This lets us know what to expect and prepare for your item.

Package your item well; we will no be responsible for damaged items received.

Ship your item with FedEx or UPS. Make sure to insure your package.

Call us if you have any questions and we will call you when we receive your package and before we send it back to you.

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Scopes will have to be fully submerged in water and so no warranty will be issued. Please type your name above showing that you understand the above statement.

Anything that you can tell our dippers, to expedite the process quicker.

If you are sending a SCOPE, please fill out the form below.



I acknowledge that by allowing Pughsgraghics to decorate my firearm scope, I understand that flooding may occur and I do not hold Pughsgraghics responsible for any damage related to the submerging of the scope in water.


I acknowledge that a representative from Pughsgraghics has explained the procedure for decoration and I am allowing this process to take place even though my scope may be damaged.


I understand that scope manufacturers that make claims related to waterproof or water resistant scopes may not have indicated a total submersion of the product in water as covered under any said claim. I understand that damage may occur.


I give Pughsgraghics permission to decorate my scope and fully understand the risks involved.