About Us

pughshydrographics.com is a FFL certified aftermarket hydrographic dipping firm, located in Northern Virginia. We have been soaking your favorite hydrographic patterns from camouflage to carbon fiber and others for more than 5 years now



Our personnel handles each job as if it were their very own, whether it be automotive, firearms, household products or a huge industrial job. We take pride in giving the best customer care and support it with an end product assurance. We go the additional mile to ensure your project is given exceptional attention to detail, from start to completion.


Our customers range from the periodic weekend hunter to Government personnel and Government contractors. We dip weapons, bows, scopes, scouting accessories, taxidermy heads, coolers the listing continues.


Hydrographic printing allows you to tailor numerous types of metals, plastics, synthetics and timbers to match your surface or personality.


We also offer services such as Cerakote and Teflon application to protect your products and to provide some extra character along with your firearms and hunting equipment.


We can apply numerous various other patterns via our water transmission process. Give us a call or fill in our quote type to see if the services we supply will work for your job.